Do you want a Hamburger …. Patty ?

My daughter called me when I was living in California. She was laughing so hard she could hardly talk. finally she settled down long enough to tell me about Zac. He was 5 at the time and had just been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. He came running into the house and got on the stool Continue reading →


Whipped Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

So with Easter right around the corner I thought it would be fun to have the little ones over and dye some Easter eggs. There are so many new ways to dye eggs now it is great but I thought that this one using whipped cream sounded like fun and easy for the little kids too. Have Continue reading →

Thai Quinoa Salad


I have been trying new recipes with quinoa lately and this is a winner with the family and guest. Crunchy , healthy and zesty. Quinoa is a great base for so many salads and helps you stay fuller for longer… Yah!!!! Hope you give it a try. Ingredients FOR THE SALAD: 1-½ cup Water ¾ cups Uncooked Continue reading →


DIY Stained Glass Kites

Spring is here and you can just feel that summer is not to far away…. that’s getting a bit excited but its nice to think about Now when the grandkids come over they are always wanting to play outside which is lovely. But with spring comes rain and some days we have to stay inside, Continue reading →

Recycled Bird Feeder Craft

bird feeder

I am now happily woken up every morning to the sound of birds Yah a true sign that spring is here. As for being thankful for them I thought I would make a bird feeder so I searched and found this easy to make bird feeder that I am planning on making this weekend with Continue reading →

DIY Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask


As you know with age comes wrinkles …. with wrinkles usually comes expensive spa treatments and products. But I am trying something different I have been looking into Do It Yourself (DIY) Home remedies for skin care and have found a world of great ideas and inexpensive ways to nourish your skin. This is a anti-wrinkle Continue reading →


I wanted a kitten for my birthday so my daughter and granddaughter went to humane society.  I picked one and the name on her cage was honey and when I signed they asked if I wanted to change her name I said no its a cute name and my granddaughter said “Grammie isn’t papa gonna Continue reading →

It Sure Is Blurry

My granddaughter Katelyn who lives with me and is now going to be 13 in June this year has made me smile and laugh many times. The one most funny moments I remember was when I was taking her to kindergarten one day on a spring misty morning. The fog was low and air damp. Continue reading →

Ingenious Band-Aid

When our grandson, Dom, was about 3 years old, he was at our house one day, along with several of our grands. They were all outside playing, when Dom came running into the house asking where the Band-Aids were. I figured he had gotten hurt, as is usually the case, so I told him where Continue reading →