How to Make a Bouncy Ball!!

I love when my grandkids come to visit, it is always so much fun! I enjoy doing new things with them every time they come over so I always try to have a new recipe or craft ready for when they arrive. The other day we tried making these bouncy balls and it was so Continue reading →


Peach Freezer Jam Recipe

I love peaches ! I love Jam! Put two and two together and you end up with peach jam and this year I tried a new freezer jam recipe and it turned out great. Its a nice easy method to use on those hot days when you want to do some preserving but don’t want Continue reading →


Kool Aid Playdough

The grandkids came to visit the other day and it was a rainy one. We pondered what to do inside all day and the kids decided it would be fun to make playdough. This turned out to be a great quick recipe and the kids had fun playing all day long. There are so many different Continue reading →


Coconut Curry Thai Salad

With so much fresh produce around and the heat I am loving eating all sorts of fresh salads. I love curry and coconut too and this recipe is amazing. So fresh and delicious and really fills you up! I added some chicken to mine as well and think any meat of your choice would be Continue reading →

foot soak

Magical Foot Soak

My heals are cracked!! They are dry and terrible. The lotion that I keep putting on is not working so I thought I would try a foot soak. I searched and found an interesting idea using Listerine!! ( The original clear stuff) !! if you use blue your toes might turn blue too!! I gave Continue reading →


Pool Noodle Horse Craft

My granddaughter was coming over for a visit and I really wanted to have a craft to do with her. She loves horses and its summer time so I thought this would be a great craft for her. And also kept us inside and out of the sun for the hottest part of the day.! Continue reading →


Refreshingly Healthy Infused Water

I love water,fruit and herbs so i put them together and you have great tasting water minus all the bad sugars and what not that you get in sodas and juices. There are different fruits and herbs that are better for certain ailments. But I like this refreshing cocktail just for the taste and its just a Continue reading →


Amazing Broccoli Recipe

So I was getting tired of the same old same old boiled broccoli. But I know that its super healthy for you so always try to keep it as a regular veggie included in our meals. I was feeling like something different the other night so I looked up easy broccoli recipes and this is Continue reading →