A Happy Baby :)

Kaylee my almost 1 year old grand daughter is the light of my life. She makes me smile just thinking about her. Kaylee was born with Spina bifida. Her mom and dad decided to do everything they could for her as soon as she was diagnosed. They decided to go through with inutero surgery. This meant that Kaylee would basically be born twice! They exposed her by c section, closed the opening in her spine and put her back in the uterus.  At that time no one really knew if Kaylee would be able to walk or even have movement from the waist down. Kaylee was born early weighing less then 4lbs. She has always been a very happy baby! You walk into a room and she smiles. In the mornings when you go to get her out of bed, she is laying there smiling and playing. She has learned and can sit all alone now!! A therapist and her parents are helping her to learn to stand alone and with Gods grace be able to walk!! She doesn’t let anything stop her. When she had her legs in cast to correct her feet, she never was crabby. It was like she knew it had to be so there was no use crying about it. She has such a personality, already, that is endless. Her unending expressions that she can make when it comes to having her picture taken are hilarious!  It’s like she only smiles for pictures if SHE wants them taken. Love it!! This may not be the funniest story, but it is definitely the happiest and most amazing story of our life, and we wouldn’t trade it for a thing. Love her!!