Apple-Cano Experiment

The little ones are getting a bit older and wanting more hands on “fun ” when they come over for a visit. I always remember loving the vinegar/ baking soda trick so I thought this apple-cano experiment sounded fun and that the kids would like it. Well they sure did, we tried it on the weekend and it was so much fun. Hope you give it a try next time your grand kids come over!


Erupting Apple Activity Set Up

Supplies Needed:

  • apple
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • container to catch fizz
  • knife to carve out whole (for adults to do!)

Simple Set Up:

Fill the apple with baking soda and set in the middle of a container. I chose a pie dish since it is an apple!

We simply poured the vinegar straight from the bottle for maximum reaction! My preschooler understands that the fizzy bubbling action is actually a reaction from the two materials (baking soda and vinegar) mixing. We explained a bit further this time that a gas is released called carbon dioxide.

He tipped the apple over and used an eye dropper to experiment more with a bowl of vinegar. He enjoyed that we saved the apple stem (kind of like carving a pumpkin). Lots more fizzy action to be had with the apple. Awesome, easy and very appealing to kids, this erupting apple science activity was a real hit.

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