Bubble Snakes

My grandkids just love bubbles. All day everyday they could blow bubbles. I thought it would be fun to look up a fun new way to blow bubbles for when they come over next and this is what I found…… Rainbow Bubble snakes!! So easy to make and is going to be so much fun , I cant wait till they come over. Give it a try and keep the bubbles flowing 🙂


Rainbow Bubble Snakes :

Supplies : Empty water bottle, duct tape, a sock that is missing its match 🙂 , dish soap and food coloring.

Start by cutting the bottom of the water bottle off.  Next slide the sock over the bottom of the bottle. Then secure it with duct tape or rubber band or both.

Pour some dish soap into a shallow container with a little bit of water and gently mix.  Dip the sock covered bubble blower into the solution and gently blow.

If you want to add color you can drop some food coloring onto the sock covered end, but be careful it can get messy!

Please remind your kids to blow air out not suck air in!  If your child sucks in, they will be eating bubbles.  Please be careful when doing this with your kids.

Idea from : housingaforest.com