Leaf Lanterns

Autumn is in the air and I just love the season. All the beautiful leaves and the crisp sunny days, its just so wonderful. I wanted to bring some of that beauty into my home so I tried making these fun leaf lanterns and they worked out great. Hope you fall-ify your home too.   Continue reading →

Perfect Peach Pie

I love peaches and they are everywhere right now in my house. I have been canning peaches, making jam and now peach pies. I try to make a couple at a time and then freeze the extra one if it makes it before we eat it! They are so delicious and everyone in my family Continue reading →

Homemade Hand Soap

I have been looking around for ways that I can save money. I found that I buy a lot of hand soap with all these little kids hands around. So I set out to see if I could make my own and save a few dollars. There are lots of recipes out there for homemade Continue reading →

DIY Glitter Magnets

My little granddaughters LOVE sparkles. Whenever were doing a craft it has to have sparkles involved. I found this really fun sparkles magnet craft and thought the girls would love it! and they did ! Also great because now we have more magnets to hang all their other beautiful art work on the fridge with. Continue reading →

Watermelon Strawberry Sorbet

Watermelon. I just love everything about it, I could happily eat it all year long but usually I save myself and gorge on it all summer long. It just feels better eating it in the summer hot months! This is such a delicious way to eat watermelon I had to share it on. My grandkids Continue reading →

Ocean In a Bottle

My Grandkids are so curious. I just love it, why this ? why that ? all the time. Its hard to know all the answers!! I thought it would be fun to do an experiment with them and this ” Ocean in a Bottle ” turned out so great. They loved it and so did Continue reading →

Carrot Chips

I felt like a salty crunchy treat the other day but did not want to go out and buy a bag of chips. But I did have a large bag of carrots that needed to be used so I looked up a recipe for carrot chips and this is what I found. They were delicious , nutritious Continue reading →

Homemade Play Dough

I always remember making play dough for my kids when they were young and they loved it. So I dug out my old recipe the other day and made a batch just before my grandkids arrived. It was so much fun. They built all sorts of things, cut it up and just had a great Continue reading →

Homemade Goldfish Crackers

I am not going to lie, I love those little goldfish crackers as much as the grandkids do. They are a fun little snack and are such an easy “treat” as well. I got thinking there must be a way to make them and this is the best recipe that I found. And great that Continue reading →

Bubble Snakes

My grandkids just love bubbles. All day everyday they could blow bubbles. I thought it would be fun to look up a fun new way to blow bubbles for when they come over next and this is what I found…… Rainbow Bubble snakes!! So easy to make and is going to be so much fun Continue reading →