Homemade Natural Shampoo

I have been playing around with different homemade shampoos and conditioners for awhile now. Mostly looking for a more natural / less chemical way to wash my hair and I have finally found one that I really like so I wanted to share it with all of you. Its so simple and by using essential oils Continue reading →

Reusable Dryer Sheets

I came across this post and thought it was to awesome not to share. I love the idea of the dryer sheets being reusable and that I can mix my own fragrance with essential oils. I have made a batch and have a load of bedding  in the dryer waiting to come out, cant wait to see Continue reading →

Easter Marshmallow Bark

Chocolate + Marshmallow = yumminess.  This is such a fun easy recipe that I cant wait to try and eat ” a little ” hehe. They are so cute and I think my grandkids will love it. I have a little bunny shaped cookie cutter that I am going to use as well. Cant wait. Continue reading →

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

I have always loved decorating Easter eggs and it is such a fun activity to do with your grandchildren. Last year we tried a really fun way using shaving cream and food colouring so this year I searched for another fun way we could dye the eggs and found this fun melted crayon egg tutorial. Continue reading →

DIY Chia Pets

Spring is in the air and the growing season is about to begin. This is such a great time to make a live “Chia pet ” with your grandkids. They can watch it grow and learn to understand how plants grow. Plant the seeds , water them , sun them and away we go. Hope Continue reading →

Apple-Cano Experiment

The little ones are getting a bit older and wanting more hands on “fun ” when they come over for a visit. I always remember loving the vinegar/ baking soda trick so I thought this apple-cano experiment sounded fun and that the kids would like it. Well they sure did, we tried it on the Continue reading →

DIY Ice Wreath

I know its past the holiday season but I still love having winter decorations around. It has been soooo cold around here lately its nice to have pretty decorations around to cheery me up 🙂 I made one of these ice wreathes the other day and I just love it , I keep wondering how Continue reading →

Puffy Snow Paint Recipe

I love my grand children’s art. It is so cute what they can do and come up with. I keep everything they make for me and everything they make when they are here. I found this fun recipe for puffy snow paint and they loved it! And now we have some cute snowmen paintings hanging on Continue reading →

Seasonal Stove top Potpourri

I love all the seasonal smells of the Christmas season. Nothing cosier and more welcoming than walking in to a home that smells of warm citrus and cloves. I love this stove top potpourri because it keeps your home smelling fresh and delicious for as long as you like. And it looks beautiful too. Give this Continue reading →