Leaf Lanterns

Autumn is in the air and I just love the season. All the beautiful leaves and the crisp sunny days, its just so wonderful. I wanted to bring some of that beauty into my home so I tried making these fun leaf lanterns and they worked out great. Hope you fall-ify your home too.   Continue reading →

Homemade Hand Soap

I have been looking around for ways that I can save money. I found that I buy a lot of hand soap with all these little kids hands around. So I set out to see if I could make my own and save a few dollars. There are lots of recipes out there for homemade Continue reading →

DIY Glitter Magnets

My little granddaughters LOVE sparkles. Whenever were doing a craft it has to have sparkles involved. I found this really fun sparkles magnet craft and thought the girls would love it! and they did ! Also great because now we have more magnets to hang all their other beautiful art work on the fridge with. Continue reading →

I Love You To The Moon And Back

It is one of my Granddaughters birthdays coming up and I really wanted to get her something special. She’s pretty shy around lots of people but when its just us she is full of spunk. I wanted to give her something that is always with her so I thought a necklace would be a great Continue reading →

DIY Chia Pets

Spring is in the air and the growing season is about to begin. This is such a great time to make a live “Chia pet ” with your grandkids. They can watch it grow and learn to understand how plants grow. Plant the seeds , water them , sun them and away we go. Hope Continue reading →

DIY Vanilla Bath Bombs

I love to have baths and so do my grandkids when they come over. Last time they were over I had a special bath fizz that they used and they loved it. So it got me thinking…. I must be able to make those. I cant wait to make these and then wrap them up Continue reading →

Great Wine Glass Idea

I always seem to loose my wine glass at some point through the night and I think this is such a fun idea and will be great for Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. And great because can be re used over and over again. Would be a great inexpensive gift too, buy some second hand wine Continue reading →

DIY Canvas Photo Prints

I have started thinking about Christmas presents!!! And I am going to try and make as many as I can this year so I need to start early. I found this DIY project and I cant wait to try it. Will be such a great gift for so many people. Ingredients 1 stretched canvas in the Continue reading →

DIY Hair Mask

My hair has been lacking a bit of shine and has been drier than normal. Not sure if its the change in season or the hair products I have been using but I defiantly needed some moisture. I have been using this hair mask for a few weeks and it has really been helping. Softer Continue reading →