DIY Hair Mask

My hair has been lacking a bit of shine and has been drier than normal. Not sure if its the change in season or the hair products I have been using but I defiantly needed some moisture. I have been using this hair mask for a few weeks and it has really been helping. Softer Continue reading →

DIY Under Eye Cream

I love making and using natural body products on my skin. It takes a bit of getting use to but once you have got the hang of it , I find it so rewarding to make your own beauty products. And so great that you know exactly what your putting on your skin. This DIY Under Eye Continue reading →

DIY Nourishing Hair Mask

I love shiny hair and always want shiny hair but I don’t always have it !!! I have been looking into different ideas about how to keep and have shiny hair. This is a great hair mask that I found that I LOVE… It smells great and makes your hair so smooth afterwards. Hope you Continue reading →

DIY Anti-Wrinkle Face Mask

As you know with age comes wrinkles …. with wrinkles usually comes expensive spa treatments and products. But I am trying something different I have been looking into Do It Yourself (DIY) Home remedies for skin care and have found a world of great ideas and inexpensive ways to nourish your skin. This is a anti-wrinkle Continue reading →

3 Ways to Easily Improve Your Memory

Have any of these ever happened to you? You walk into a room and you can’t remember why you were going there? Or you forgot a dinner you were supposed to attend? Or you forget an appointment? Not only are these embarrassing to go through, but they can also be very early signs of more Continue reading →

5 Ways to Feel Younger for Free

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a million bucks to feel that way. We have five tips for you which you can use to get started today and show the world that you are still the amazing, youthful woman you know you are. 1. Use Scientifically Proven Skin Cleaner / Skin Tightener: If you look Continue reading →