I wanted a kitten for my birthday so my daughter and granddaughter went to humane society.  I picked one and the name on her cage was honey and when I signed they asked if I wanted to change her name I said no its a cute name and my granddaughter said “Grammie isn’t papa gonna Continue reading →

It Sure Is Blurry

My granddaughter Katelyn who lives with me and is now going to be 13 in June this year has made me smile and laugh many times. The one most funny moments I remember was when I was taking her to kindergarten one day on a spring misty morning. The fog was low and air damp. Continue reading →

A Broken Heart

I just lost a Beloved Family member, my Grandson Lorenzo saw that I had been crying he asked me what was wrong? I told him my heart was broken because my cousin went to Heaven … He got a chocolate Valentine heart gave it to me and said” Here you go Grandma you can have Continue reading →


My Grandson and I were driving down the road and he needed to make a phone call.  My cell phone had a beautiful pink sparkle case from Victoria Secrets on it Bling Bling!  I offered him my phone and he took it and held it looking at it and finally he looked up at me Continue reading →

What Did Puppy Say ?

My 2-yr old granddaughter Avery calls me Puppy.  One day she was at the house in the kitchen with me and beating on my wood cabinets with a wooden spoon.  After telling her several times to stop, I turned to her with hands on my hips, and said, “Avery, what did Puppy say?”  She looked Continue reading →

Kooky Grandma

When my grandson was 3 years old my daughter told him that Grandma  was going to meet them at the pumpkin patch, he asked what Grandma, (he wanted to know if it was my mother, his great grandma or me), so she told him regular grandma, meaning not great grandma. When I got there I Continue reading →

Where’s the Pepper?

While on our way to Kentucky, for my sister’s wedding, we brought our grandson, Gage, then about 4 years old, along with us. I decided to play a game with him by pointing out different sites along the way. As we neared Cincinnati, there is a storage bin that resembles an igloo that stores the Continue reading →

A Happy Baby :)

Kaylee my almost 1 year old grand daughter is the light of my life. She makes me smile just thinking about her. Kaylee was born with Spina bifida. Her mom and dad decided to do everything they could for her as soon as she was diagnosed. They decided to go through with inutero surgery. This Continue reading →

Nana Your So Beautiful

My granddaughter,Breanna  was 2 years old when she came into my bathroom one day as I was putting my makeup on. She propped her little elbows up on the counter and cupped her little face in her hands and said,”Nana you so beautiful.” That just melted my heart and made me feel like the best Continue reading →

Heart of Gold

My grandson was around 3 years old and my husband and I were having financial problems, one day my grandson overheard us talking about how we were going to get all our bills paid, previously I had bought my grandson a cute little brown wallet with a Horsehead picture on it, I gave him $3.00 Continue reading →