DIY Chia Pets

Spring is in the air and the growing season is about to begin. This is such a great time to make a live “Chia pet ” with your grandkids. They can watch it grow and learn to understand how plants grow. Plant the seeds , water them , sun them and away we go. Hope you guys have fun with this one.

chia pet

What you will need:


2 liter cola bottles, one for every child you are making  a Kids Chia Pet for.

For each bottle you will need two googly eyes.

Now you need dirt enriched with fertilizer.

Finally buy some Chia Seeds.

How to make your Kids Chia Pet:

If the kids are old enough and you have safety scissors, you can let them cut their own bottles.

If you do not trust the kids you may want to cut all the bottles yourself before you start.

Now that you have your cut up cola bottles you will need to make them special.

Give two googly eyes to each kid. Using a hot glue gun, glue the eyes and the bottle cap onto the bottle, make sure they form a face!

Now you can add a mouth if you like, using a permanent marker, or some pipe cleaner!

Be sure to let the glue dry! We do not want anyone getting burnt!

Once you are sure all the glue is hardened we need to fill each bottle with our dirt.

For now fill them 3/4 of the way with dirt.

Here we will put the seeds in the soil. Place the Chia Seeds on top of the dirt!

Now put enough dirt on top of the seeds to cover them, but do not smother them!

Simply water the seeds regularly. Follow the instructions for best growth on the Chia Seeds package.

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