DIY Glitter Magnets

My little granddaughters LOVE sparkles. Whenever were doing a craft it has to have sparkles involved. I found this really fun sparkles magnet craft and thought the girls would love it! and they did ! Also great because now we have more magnets to hang all their other beautiful art work on the fridge with. Hope you guys give it a try šŸ™‚

a2eWhat You Will Need

~ Clear flat back ‘marbles’ Ā The glass dome you can find at the craft store orĀ dollarĀ store. Ā Make sure they are clear, if the have an opal or pearl glaze they wont work.
Strong magnets … they have to hold the weight of the glass dome
~ E6000 Glue …. the mother of all glues .. (from Walmart or Micheals)
~ GLITTER!!! Ā I used both the expensive and fabulous Martha Stewart Octagon Glitter (thank you Martha) and semi fineĀ dollarĀ store glitter ..
~A paint brush ..
~Varnish (I used Folkart)
~Little Helpers ( I had all my nieces and nephews help .. it was a blast .. )
Directions :
Put sparkles in shallow bowls / plates.
Put a dab of glue on theĀ back ofĀ  your glass domes ( theĀ flat side)Ā and spread a thin layer then dip it in the glitter.
Lay the glass domes sparkles up to dry for about 3 hours.
Once dry put a coat of varnish over the sparkles and allow to dry again for an hour or so.
Then use your glue to glue a magnet onto the back as well, allow to dry and then voila sparkle magnets everywhere!
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