Fruit Loop Heart BirdFeeder Craft

Tis the season of love and I wanted to make sure I had a craft to do with my littlest grandchild for when she comes over before Valentines day. This is so easy and I cant wait to make one with her. She loves birds and will really enjoy hanging these hearts out on the tree and watching the birds come to eat. Spread the love 🙂 Preschool-Valentine-Crafts-Fruit-Loop-Bird-Feeder-3

Materials : Pipe cleaners (chenille stem) , fruit loops , twine

You can start by shaping the pipe cleaner into a heart and then stringing the fruit loops on, or vice versa.

Once the cereal is strung and the heart formed bring the bottom together and twist.

Last you can add a bit of twine to hang the bird feeder or loop it straight over a branch.


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