Fun Turkey Craft

I though it would be fun to do a Thanksgiving craft with the grandkids when they come over. I found this cute Turkey Handprint Head band I think they will love. I cant wait for them to come over so we can give it a try. So easy, cute and a great keepsake of their little hands too. Hope you give it a try with your little ones 🙂



Materials Needed:


  • Brown, white, orange, yellow, and red paper
  • Glue/Tape/Stapler
  • Black marker

Start by cutting two wide strips of brown paper and measure your child’s head. Tape or staple it together and cut out two white circle eyes.


Trace your child’s handprint on three different colored papers, then cut them out. Make a turkey head figure with the brown paper and have the kids glue some eyes and a beak to it.

Glue the handprints behind the head and glue the whole thing onto the headband (we taped ours). Cut out two strips for the turkey’s feet and tape them on the inside. Gobble gobble!

Craft Idea from :