Homemade Hand Soap

I have been looking around for ways that I can save money. I found that I buy a lot of hand soap with all these little kids hands around. So I set out to see if I could make my own and save a few dollars. There are lots of recipes out there for homemade hand soap , but this easy method is my favourite. Its nice because you can choose which kind of soap you like the sent of and it makes a big batch so its always on hand. Hope you give it a try!


Liquid Hand Soap

1 4.25 oz bar of soap

1 Tablespoon coconut oil

1/2 gallon of water

Start by grating your bar of soap into a large pot. Like I said, I used Yardley London brand. The Honey Vanilla Creme smells AMAZINGGGG. I also got the Lavender (which I’ll use for a laundry detergent that I’m going to make), and Sugar Plum Blossom, that also smells amazing. The original recipe called for glycerin, which I didn’t have, so I Googled “substitutes for glycerin”, and coconut oil was an option (in my opinion, the only option! I love the stuff)!! Add the water along with the coconut oil, turn the heat up to medium/high, and whisk until the soap is completely melted. You DON’T WANT THIS TO BOIL! Just to stay hot enough to melt the grated soap. This step is loooong and annoying. You have to whisk it often, and the soap starts to suds up so it’s hard to tell if it’s melted. Once it (finally) does, let it sit for a few hours until completely cool. I did this all before bed, so I let mine sit over night. It kind of  jells up, which is totally fine (but you might get a little grossed out at the texture lol). All you have to do is break it up and transfer it to a mixer to whip it up until it’s creamy, or whisk it by hand. You could probably put it in the blender too, but I didn’t try that. I transferred mine to a soap pump and the extra went into a  large plastic container (also purchased from the Dollar Tree).

Tutorial from : https://diaryofamadcrafter.wordpress.com/