Homemade Smoothing Shave Scrub

Well its getting to be that time of the year again when your legs will be out and about now that your wearing shorts, skirts and dresses. I always have a hard time keeping my legs soft and moisturized until now!! This is a great simple recipe for keeping legs smooth!! Hope you give it a try. Follow the steps bellow : smooth-legs-shave

Homemade Coconut Shave Scrub :

Step One:  Find a jar, or container, or whatever you want to store this in.  Heck, you can even label it if you want.  Name it ” (your name)’s shave scrub.  Then every time you look at it you can feel the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from successfully making your own skin care product.

Step Two:  Mix coconut oil and sugar until it reaches the consistency that you like.  I like to use organic virgin coconut oil because it’s awesomest, and because I also cook with this stuff.  If you have a Costco nearby, that’s where I seem to find it the cheapest.

Step Three:  Apply your shave scrub prior to shaving.  Then Shave.  Then Smile, because your legs will be rockin’!  And then, after you have clothes on again, go find someone and say “feel my legs.”  Yes, you will be that proud.

Step Four:  Never buy shaving cream again.

Recipe from : http://mothersniche.com/homemade-shave-scrub/