Leaf Lanterns

Autumn is in the air and I just love the season. All the beautiful leaves and the crisp sunny days, its just so wonderful. I wanted to bring some of that beauty into my home so I tried making these fun leaf lanterns and they worked out great. Hope you fall-ify your home too.






















































  • Mason jar
  • Mod podge
  • Sponge brush
  • Leaves (fake are better)
  • Candle

Directions : Spread the mod podge on the mason jar and then layer your leaves on to the jar and cover with another layer of mod podge. Allow to dry. Place candle inside, light and enjoy.


  • If you are using real leaves, dry them first.
  • Use lighter colored leaves for better lighting, and darker leaves for accents.
  • Spray with clear acrylic spray to for a nice finish

DIY from : http://www.youthareawesome.com/