Magical Foot Soak

My heals are cracked!! They are dry and terrible. The lotion that I keep putting on is not working so I thought I would try a foot soak. I searched and found an interesting idea using Listerine!! ( The original clear stuff) !! if you use blue your toes might turn blue too!! I gave it a try and love love love it! All the dead skin is gone and my feet are nice and soft, this is a keeper recipe! Give it a try your heals will thank you 🙂 foot soak

What you need : Listerine (clear ), vinegar ( apple cider or white ) and boiling water

Mix 1 cup of Listerine,1 cup vinegar and 2 cups boiling water together and let feet soak for 15-30 minutes and then scrub with a pumice stone or your foot scrubber of choice. Dry, moisturize and enjoy soft feet 🙂