Ocean In a Bottle

My Grandkids are so curious. I just love it, why this ? why that ? all the time. Its hard to know all the answers!! I thought it would be fun to do an experiment with them and this ” Ocean in a Bottle ” turned out so great. They loved it and so did I. Have fun with this one 🙂


To make our Ocean in a Bottle, we used:

  • water
  • cooking oil (we used canola, but vegetable would work well)
  • blue food colouring
  • large bottle (2 litre pop bottles work well, but we used a mouthwash bottle with a child-safe lid)
  • funnel

 Making your ocean bottle:

I didn’t have a 2L pop bottle on hand, so we used an empty mouthwash bottle.   I like that the lid is child-safe, and too challenging for little hands to twist open.  If you’re using a bottle that’s not child-safe, you might want to run a little hot-glue around the inside of the bottle lid.

Fill approximately 1/3 of your bottle with water.

Add several drops of food colouring.

Have your child shake the bottle to disperse the food colouring.

Now, simply top up the bottle with oil.  I filled ours right to the top and then popped the lid on.

Tip the bottle upside down and watch your ocean come to life.

Craft from : http://happyhooligans.ca/