Pool Noodle Horse Craft

My granddaughter was coming over for a visit and I really wanted to have a craft to do with her. She loves horses and its summer time so I thought this would be a great craft for her. And also kept us inside and out of the sun for the hottest part of the day.! Hope you give it a try , my little one LOVED it!!! 20130512-215522

Pool noodle horses are easy, cheap and lots of fun!


Pool noodles (I got mine at the dollar tree)

Duct tape (I already had some fun colors the kids liked)

Googly eyes (self adhesive worked great for us)

Fabric scraps cut into strips

Felt for ears

Glue gun for the adult to use

First use the duct tape to make the bridle and reigns. Add googly eyes. Let the kids pick out scrap fabric strips for the adult to hot glue on for mane. Hot glue on some felt ears. Done !

Craft idea from : http://mycrazyblessedlife.com/