Yum Frozen Yogurt Berries

There are so many delicious berries in season right now and I love being able to freeze them for the winter to have in my smoothies. But when I saw this snack idea of frozen yogurt covered berries I knew I had to make a few bags as well. They are so delicious and such a great snack especially at night when your craving that something sweet! Enjoy 🙂 frozenyogurtfruits2

Ingredients :

Your choice of berries and greek style yogurt. ( I like the one with honey )

Directions :

Use a toothpick to dip berries in yogurt and then another toothpick to slide the berry off onto a wax covered baking tray. Once they are frozen the berries can be transferred into freezer bags. If the toothpick method is to much just throw some berries in a bowl of yogurt and then fish them out and place on tray 🙂

Picture from : http://caligreenmama.blogspot.ca/